I have a bachelor's in journalism and PGDEM. I want to study master's now. I wanted to do event management and set designing too. What course should I apply that has good scope?

Asked by Jasmine Francis almost 2 years ago

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As festivals, events and conferences around the world continue to grow, so do the needs placed upon companies and communities. Event Management applies venture management skills to planning and improving these activities, ensuring the most effective consequences for organizations and purchasers alike.

Event Management is a significant strategic marketing tool for today’s companies. Promotional occasions assist enhance a company’s photograph as nicely as building ongoing relationships with clients. From product launches to press conferences to grand openings, Event Management experts diagram and execute events, managing a complete variety of event-related services, consisting of creative, technical and logistical strategies.

Some of the named destinations are as follows:- 

  • The University of Europe for Applied Sciences
  • The master’s application in International Sport
  • The master’s program in International Sport & Even

Management prepares you for the demands of the sports & events industry with a globally oriented, interdisciplinary education. At UE Germany, we educate our students to become managers in the areas of Sports, Events, and Marketing Management. You can look forward to seminars and projects with partners from business, sports, and academia.

1. Berlin School Of Business & Innovation
This master’s degree is tailored to develop management and leadership competencies, especially for the tourism, hospitality and event sectors. Students will start their studies in Athens, Greece, and complete their programme in Berlin, Germany, at BSBI. Our master’s programmes have been selected from among many prestigious international programmes offered by Universita Telematica Internazionale UNINETTUNO.

2. Robert Kennedy College
You will understand the theory and practical applications needed to become a successful events manager in this globally-defining industry. This programme enables you to work on group projects and business simulations designed to improve your experience and practical events management skills. You will learn about the strategies involved in hosting international events from music festivals to corporate hospitality and from business-related meetings to conferences and exhibitions

3. University of Lincoln
The events sector is a multi-billion pound industry, providing a significant contribution to regional, national, and global economies. It requires adaptable and highly skilled professionals who understand the processes of event planning and have the ability to manage in challenging, yet highly rewarding, environments.

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