I have completed my BTech in Mechanical Engineering in 2019, got fantastic grades and got campus placement in Daimler India. My job is techno-commercial. I want to pursue an MBA. Suggest and guide me?

Asked by Pranay Singh over 1 year ago

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Considering your background I want to suggest doing something relevant. Going for any MBA here will not be smart as you have a good work experience in Daimler India. BTech is a nice qualification. Having a technical degree in the current market is already a plus point. With this, if you can manage to build a profile that has some really good curricular and non-academic achievement, you are all set to apply for an MBA. You already got some work experience which is a plus point here.

Techno-commercial role is basically involved with delivering products within customer satisfaction. This particular thing comes in very handily in MBA degrees. The business and management field is very much appreciative of these kinds of skills. When you apply for an MBA, mention the roles and tasks you had during your experience in your SOP. It will allow the admission committee to see your extra capabilities in you.

My suggestions for an MBA would be in these respect:

  • Operation Management
  • International Business
  • Marketing

Since you have a background in both the technical sector and customer satisfaction, operation management is a very good area to specialize with an MBA. International Business and Marketing are more directed towards the business industry. If you like to work in big roles in the industry, these options are really good.

Have some thought on what areas you like to explore. If you could mention your interests more specifically, I can suggest some really good universities in countries like USA, UK and Canada. Let men know if you make a decision or need some information on universities abroad. Happy to help anytime.


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