I have completed my BCom, and I have also completed SAP FICO and SAP HANA, so which course will be good for me in the UK?

Asked by Md Ayub about 2 years ago

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sourav grover

sourav grover

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You can go for SAP direction after B.com.

Criteria for doing SAP course:

  • A person wants to graduate in Engineering /Commerce or do a Master’s degree. If the person has any trip in the relevant fields like production, purchase, or different I, it will be advantageous to clutch the related SAP Module.
  • The course is very courteous, but it’s a treasured direction to enhance your career. There are many modules, and SAP path prices for every module differ. SAP direction fees may vary between 30,000 to 2 lakhs and rely upon the group al Additional price for certification. If teaching is taken from the Authorized institution, the cost will be higher than normal institutions.
  • There is no particular time length for this course. However, the time length, may remain for 8remaineks if you go for a full-time study full-time, definitely going for SAP. It is an accurate career and would go well with you.

When you pick an institute, do take a look at if they:-

  • Teach you documentation (BPML, BPD, PDD, As-Is Study)
  • They educate you on how to check the gadget and record it (U.T., S.I.T., and UAT)
  • They teach you how to make and use add tools(LSMW, BDC, BAPI)
  • The trainer is an advisor who applied to some organizations.
  • The coach is SAP ECC, and S4HANA certified.
  • Institutes commonly teach you configuration, which is 15 days of work in a 1 year lengthy11-reorientation project. They do not now speak about what you do in the workforce the rest of 0 of 35 days of an implementation project. 


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