I have completed my BCA from India and now I want to pursue my master's. Which country and which course would be better for me?

Asked by Sreekha M over 2 years ago

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Hello Sreekha, how are you doing?

So if you are looking for both countries and courses, I guess I have two answers. Well, not two answers, but options. See at one point you can do a focus academic course in computer application (CA). And on the other hand, there is a more general option. And the best countries for both are different.

For the most fundamental one, you can do an MCA - Master in Computer Application. The program will be more centric towards your background and easier to grab given your experience. And as I mentioned this is an academic course, therefore you will need better grades and test scores for admission. And the best country for it is the USA. You will get a broader range to select from and the country has ample industries to offer a great career.

For the other option, how about a MIM program from the UK? I am not talking about a general management degree but a specialized one. I would strongly suggest a system analyst or IT consultant MIM specialization. As by name you can understand that these will be CA subject concentrated management degrees. Especially in the UK, these courses are offered on a big scale. Plus the MIM expertise European countries hold.

Whatever choice you make, take the country under concern. Because after your graduation, you will be better prepared for the industry if you are aware of it. By records, USA is more profitable for a CA concentrated career. And the combined management degree is more profitable in European business.

In any case, if you need any help with the further shortlisting of course and country, you can always get in touch with experts for FREE and I'm sure they would help you in the decision-making process and make it a lot easier for you.

Hope this helps!




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