I have completed my bachelors in Civil Engineering and want to pursue Masters in such a country where I can get 100% job guarantee?

Asked by Shaikh Juned almost 2 years ago

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ayush sharma

ayush sharma

Economics Undergrad Student || dep. Marketing Head at Enactus ARSD

Well, there are many good options where you can have a very good job. But yeah, saying it would give you a 100% job guarantee would be lying. But if you guarantee that you are up to whatever is needed from your side, then I can make a bet you will get a quality job. For that I would mainly recommend the USA.

Specifically, USA based universities. Colleges like UC Berkeley and UCLA have more than 60% employment rate in total right after graduation. You may think this figure is at the lower end but keep in mind it's an average of the university. It represents undergraduate courses a s well, in which more than half students choose a master instead of job. So above 60% would be like above 95% for job guarantee if you ask me.

When you see universities like these, their program page shows the employment rate. The top-tier ones generally have like 90-95 percentile, in some cases even 98%. So it’s safe to assume that you can have a near perfect job guarantee from the best universities in the country. It would not be a 100% because you know there can be irregularities like what if someone gets in a serious medical issue?

Also, you have to understand that these employment rates only present data for 3 months after graduation, in some cases 6-months.Otherwise if given a  little longer period, it can even reach 100% for some specific USA universities and programs. It really depends what course and university you select. Like if your chosen masters is more relevant, sure you will have better chances for a job.

All in all, if answered in one line; I would recommend the USA for the best job guarantee. Compared to other options, the USA has much better  records and universities. If you are  still not sure, try sharing your academic records with me. This way I  can give you an exact name for masters at a university. Through this, you will have the highest job guarantee.


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