I have applied for masters in USA (fall 2022), but visa got rejected twice 😞Differed for Jan in-take. Can you please help me out on cracking the interview please!?

Asked by Sangavi pooja about 1 year ago

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Tejaswini Malik

Tejaswini Malik

MentR-Me Team

Study Abroad Expert

I understand how discouraging it must have been for you to get your visa refused. There are a lot of things that contribute towards a successful visa. So to get your visa approved this time, you need to make sure that you have all the documents as well as there is no discrepancy whatsoever. Some of the most commonly asked visa interview questions include:
1. Why do you want to study in the US?

2. Why can’t you continue your education in your home country?

3. What are you planning to study?

4. Have you been to the United States before?

5. Why did you choose this university?

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