I have a gpa of 2.8 but have 5 years of work experience with the best cybersecurity tech firms like google, mandiant, unisys and fireye. Will I be able to get admission to good universities inusa?

Asked by Bhargav about 1 year ago

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Hey, you can go for an MS in Cyber Security from the USA. A Cybersecurity master's degree is a 1-2 year course that allows students to gain analytical and technical skills.  The MS in cyber security in the USA trains aspirants for executive positions in cybersecurity and information assurance across a range of businesses, government agencies, and organizations.

Some of the top universities are:

the University of California Berkeley (UC Berkeley),
Tufts University,
George Washington University,
California State Polytechnic University,
and New Jersey Institute of Technology

The curriculum covers different areas, including-

Information Security in Public and Private Sectors
Business Data Communications and Networking
Engineering of Trustworthy Secure Systems
Data Mining for Business Intelligence

Common criteria -

Bachelor's Degree - at least 3.0 or better
English Language Proficiency Test Scores - IELTS minimum 6.5/ TOEFL 85
Work Experience - 2-3 years is good to go!
Entrance Exam Score like GRE around 320
USA Student Visa
Additional Requirements

I hope this helps!


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