I have 6 year gap in study.kindly provide knowledge about USA visa?

Asked by Gagandeep kaur over 1 year ago

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Hey, Unfortunately, the six years of study gaps are a bit excessive for the USA, where the maximum length permissible for such gaps is only about one year, and even then, there must be good justification on the applicant's part.

However, here is some information in case there is a one-year gap in your education:

The US educational system is highly stringent about breaks in the study. In the USA, study gaps are permissible as long as certain requirements are met. The ideal study interval is one year, but if it is more than that, the study gap must be thoroughly substantiated with evidence.


- If an applicant has a medical condition, they must submit documentation of that condition in the form of medical certifications and doctor's reports.
- Those who held jobs or participated in internships must present experience certificates, a letter from the employer confirming that they were employees during the study gap, or salary stubs demonstrating their involvement with a particular organization during that time.
- In the case of volunteer work or social work, participation documentation must be offered. The right proof must be offered to support the hobbies. Hobbies ought to demonstrate a particular growth in the student's abilities or character.
- If a candidate had taken any certificate or part-time courses, those certificates.

I hope this was helpful!


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