I have 4 years of experience and have completed M.Com in Banking & Finance from Mumbai University. My Ug CGPA is 6+. May I know the best college for the 1YEAR MBA in Ireland?

Asked by Shallet Joseph over 2 years ago

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Joshua Borisova

Joshua Borisova

Founder & CEO at TAXA

It's good to know that you already have some priorwork experience. This will definitely be helpful for your MBA. Your CGPA is the only concern here. It is not bad or good either. But fortunately, it is enough to apply for a quality MBA in Ireland. And by your M.Com in banking & finance, I believe you are looking for an MBA in the same field.

1. Dublin Business School (DBS)

My first suggestion will be DBS from Ireland. It's not only a good college for MBA but an overall best college in Ireland. And so it happens that the MBA in finance for DBS is a one-year program. So it fits your question excitedly. Compared to any other institute in Ireland, your MBA from DBS will be most recognized. And keep in mind that in case you want a career in European business you will require a big MBA degree.

2. Griffith College

It is a third-level private college which is one of the latest ones in the country. The college has its name famous for any programs. An MBA from this college is your second option after DBS. Why I suggest this college is because their MBA is more vocational. In other words, you will be first with more practical coursework. And colleges in Ireland are very good in other aspects as well, like lifestyle, culture etc.

An MBA with a B.Com is not something new here. Many students go for the same approach. I would say it's actually good if you have the resources. Whether you want a job in Ireland or wish to come back to India, it will be beneficial anyway. 




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