I have 20 backlog and having 63% in btech civil engineering. Will I get an admission in universities of Canada for studying pg diploma or masters courses ? (If I'm having 6.5 ielts score)?

Asked by Anns about 1 year ago

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sourav grover

sourav grover

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The universities located within Canada pay more attention to how strong your academic background is. This implies that the major focus of Canadian Universities is on your education profile. Most importantly, they oversee if your academic profile is somehow connected to the course you're applying for.


If you have backlogs, it becomes difficult to get admission to the program as backlogs display that your academic profile isn't robust. Not only this but students who have supreme academic profiles still end up getting rejected due to multiple reasons.


Therefore, my suggestion to you is to clear your backlogs first and then proceed to apply for the desired master's program. However, your attained percentage is fine. Thus, you have a good chance of getting admission into a Canadian University. Also, your IELTS score seems to be fine too.


The only issue that is there is your backlogs. Your backlogs will become an impediment to your application procedure. Therefore, it is recommended that you clear your backlogs first if you are willing to pursue a master's degree or pg diploma in Canada. Also, ensure that your academic profile is highly relevant to the program you're applying to and that your application documents are well-prepared. 



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