I had searched many colleges but which college will be best for me to study in Canada?

I have alrea Completed my M.com. Should i go for diploma now or should I go for MBA by hiding my M.com

Asked by Tanya Mohan about 2 years ago

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Prakhar Tyagi

Prakhar Tyagi

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Not just in North America but also internationally, Canada is one of the most known centres for education and industry. Modern educational facilities, thriving institutions, and strong research institutes can be found in the second-largest nation. In addition, Canada is one of the most popular countries for students looking to pursue an overseas education because its top schools and universities provide a wide selection of certifications, diplomas, and full-time degree programs that are globally recognized and distinctive.

List of Canada's Top Colleges for Foreign Students

  1. The University of Toronto at #34 in the worlds ranking
  2. McGill University at #31 in the world's ranking.
  3. The University of British Columbia at #47 in the worlds ranking
  4. The University of Alberta at #110 in the worlds ranking
  5. McMaster University at #152 in the worlds ranking
  6. The University of Waterloo at #154 in the worlds ranking
  7. The University of Calgary at #242 in the worlds ranking
  8. Dalhousie University at #308 in the worlds ranking 

Bursaries in Canada
There are several ways for people who desire to study in Canada to pay for their education, whether through undergraduate programs or master's scholarships in Canada. Here is a list of every scholarship offered in Canada:

  1. International Student Scholarships at York University
  2. Graduate Scholarships at the University of Waterloo
  3. University of Toronto's Lester B. Pearson International Scholarship Program
  4. Scholarship for International Admission to University of Calgary
  5. Canada Vanier Graduation Awards
  6. Ontario Graduate Awards
  7. Scholarship from the Shastri Indo-Canadian Institute
  8. National Research Council of Canada Scholarship Canadian Commonwealth Scholarship and Fellowship Plan
  9. Trillium Scholarship for Ontario
  10. Partnership for Scholarships with the Quebec Provincial Government Grams from the Canadian Social Science and Humanities Research Council
  11. Graduate Fellowship at the University of Manitoba
  12. Awards for Hani Zeini
  13. The Ritchie- Jennings Memorial Award
  14. Erasmus Fellowships

The majority of immigrants are accepted in the nation, which adds to the progressive nature of the populace.
In Canada, there are countless recreational pursuits available to students. In addition, students can participate in various activities as the area is home to numerous world heritage sites and exciting festivals.

Additionally, Canada is renowned for having the lowest global crime rates. As a result, students can feel safe in Canada since there are fewer violent crimes and break-ins, and police personnel uphold the high ethical standard. Let  me know if you have any questions.


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