I had a major confusion in choosing between US and UK for MS in Data Science. I did my BE in Electronics and Telecommunications Engineering and currently working in an MNC. Planning sept 2023 intake.?

I needed clarity on the actual job opportunities and visa related issues.

Asked by Chaithra Nair almost 2 years ago

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Prakhar Tyagi

Prakhar Tyagi

MentR-Me Team

Country Expert : UK

Hey, if I put forth my opinion United States is most likely the greatest place to pursue a Data Science degree. This is more concerned with what you will do with your degree than with the degree itself. Here are the reasons why I said the USA:

Return on investment: This is the single most important factor influencing the nation and master's degree decision. Everyone wants a good reward and a decent career after they graduate. The United States is the best bet for Data Science degrees. In this industry, the number of available positions is just unrivalled. American businesses and institutions are at the forefront of AI, ML, and DS innovation. As a result, there is a high demand for talented data scientists. While most MS degrees in America are the most expensive in the world, the pay scales for Data Scientists are also unparalleled. When you factor in the STEM extension, which allows you to work for three years on your student visa, you have a safe investment, even if the initial outlay is large.
The first and most significant element has been addressed: education quality. You will not be compromising on educational quality. The greatest Data Science programmes in the world are available at colleges such as Columbia, NYU, USC, and Stanford, among others. As a result, the skillet and exposure you will receive will be unequalled. This makes America a fantastic travel destination.
If you have any further doubts, just ask me.



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