I got refusal from Australia visa under subclas 500. Am I eligible to re-apply?What are the chances and is it better to choose another country?

Asked by Sathishsharma about 1 year ago

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Ravi  Pandey

Ravi Pandey

Study Abroad Expert

Recently, many cases have come up asking for reasons behind the rejection of Australian Visa. Students have been restlessly following up with their agents seeking the exact shortcomings in filing the visa application.

Yes, applicants can apply for Australian visa application refusal appeal at Administrative Appeal Tribunal (AAT) b submitting an application along with an application fee.

If your visa is cancelled and you are currently living in Australia, you’ll almost always need to apply for a BVE (Bridging Visa E) right away. This visa will give you time to make the arrangements for leaving Australia – or give you time to apply for a limited group of visas. 

The processing time for a BVE is very short, since it’s an emergency visa – if you don’t have any visa you’ll need to be detained. There is no filing fee for making a BVE application.

Visa a complex process, hence it is difficult for agents or anyone apart from the visa officers to establish the exact reasons for the rejection. While writing a Visa SOP or Visa Letter to the Visa Office, some things can be taken care of to reduce the chances of rejection.

The key to getting a student visa approval in Australia would be to stay truthful and loyal to your profile. Any lies in your letter that can be crosschecked by the visa agents may get you into trouble.


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