I earned a 6.50 cgpa in my master's programme after completing my BA in economics. Next year, I plan to apply for a PhD. I wanted to know what steps I needed to take to prepare for admission.?

financially I'm not able to even apply cause application fees are too high and I don't want to go for loan. I'm totally dependent on scholarships.

Asked by Vaishnavi over 1 year ago

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PhD Abroad are 2 to 6-year degree courses available at most of the top public universities across the globe. PhD from abroad will light up more opportunities for the candidates in terms of career and scholarship.

Top abroad universities offer a full scholarship for PhD programmes. IELTS, TOEFL, GRE, GMAT, and SAT are some of the most popular entrance exams required for studying PhD Abroad.

PhD Abroad: Eligibility Criteria
Grades from academia (a high GPA)
Previous Studies for Science
Undertaken Ventures
Scores of Studies (GRE, TOEFL in case of USA )
Papers Posted, if any,
If submitted, dissertations
Healthy engagement in co-curricular events related to the research subject you have selected.
Excellent Letters for Recommendation
A clear Intent Argument

Why Study PhD from Abroad?
Better Opportunities: In terms of both services and future managers, adding internationality will give you more alternatives. Also, researching in another country may encourage your access if your research needs access to such museums, locations, libraries, archives, or facilities.

Better Funding: Doing your Ph.D. abroad could be considerably cheaper. Tuition fees, notably at the doctorate level, vary greatly around the globe. In addition, you may apply for some scholarships that are exclusively for students studying abroad from your home country or your destination country.

Broad Network: By creating ties in a new county, extend your network. You will get to know individuals on a personal basis and make friends from all over the world. Doing a Ph.D. abroad will also benefit you if, after receiving your degree, you intend to work beyond your home country.

New Culture: Studying globally would help you to develop a global perspective. You're going to be introduced to new concepts, ways of instruction, and academic communities. You might also get the chance to learn a foreign language.

PhD Abroad Scholarships
Students who are aiming for a Ph.D. program often opt for foreign countries in different fields like healthcare, automobile, manufacturing, computer Science, Social Science, etc. The average cost can vary and it can be very heavy on pockets. Scholarships help reduce that burden. Some of the top Scholarships are tabulated below for your reference, 

AAUW International Fellowships For Women
Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarships
Gates Cambridge Scholarships
Australian Government Research Training Programme (AGRTP) International Scholarships at Flinders University
Vice Chancellor’s International Scholarship for Research Excellence
PhD Scholarships for International Candidates, Swansea
President's PhD Scholarships
Fulbright- Nehru Doctoral Research Fellowships


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