I don't have many funds. I want to go abroad to do my masters. Which country will be the best?

Asked by Neha over 1 year ago

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Ajay Tewani

Ajay Tewani

Investment Analyst at IFC - World Bank Group | IIM Ahmedabad | CA | CFA Level III

I understand that finances take up a huge part of decision-making for studying abroad and that is why choosing the most affordable yet best country and university is important. While Canada and Germany are considered as the cheapest countries to study MiM, and countries like USA, UK, Australia provide various financial aid to their students in the form of scholarships and awards, the most important thing to consider is if you match their requirements.

 Let's say Canada is the most affordable country that you can choose for doing an MiM but what if they have a specific academic requirement that does not match with your profile? 

It’s quite subjective to say which college or university will be the most affordable one for you since you haven’t mentioned anything about your course of interest. 

Here I have created a list of the top universities in the USA which are considered as the most affordable universities in terms of their wise. I have also mentioned the average fees of the college along with the most popular specializations that it offers. 

Affordable Universities for MS in USA - popular courses

University of Houston - 18000-22000 USD 
MS in Computer Science

MS in Industrial Engineering

MS in Civil Engineering

Purdue University - 20000-30000 USD
MS in Computer Science

MS in Industrial Engineering

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill - 13000-35000 USD
MS in Biomedical Engineering

MS in Computer Science

MS in Environmental Science and Engineering

Binghamton University - 24000-27000 USD
Masters of Sceince in Accounting

Stony Brook University - 19000-24000 USD
Master of Science in Electrical Engineering

MS in Materials Science and engineering

MS in Computer Science

Now I have only taken the USA as an example. There are various other universities across the globe varying on your course and country preference. The expense, similarly, will vary across course and country.

So tell me more about the course you wish to pursue and if you have any country preferences. It will make it convenient for me to help you with relevant information. 


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