I don't have a strong economic background, and my graduation marks are 50%. Which US college provide scholarship and free visa?Can I study in the USA?

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Prakhar Tyagi

Prakhar Tyagi

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Almost all major universities in the country require aspirants to demonstrate proof of funds before getting admission; hence, there are only a few university-based scholarships for international students. Yet, several private and government scholarships may benefit international students. 

The following scholarships are available to students from India:

  1. Aga Foundation Scholarship
  2. Generation Google
  3. AAUW International Fellowship
  4. Global Study Awards
  5. Narotam Sekhsaria Foundation

Most private and public scholarships will have strict eligibility requirements, including those based on employment history, nationality, age, and more. Ensure that each of these is met.

Scholarships for MS students in US colleges:

1. Illinois State University
This provides international postgraduate students with partial tuition waivers. However, every semester, you must pay $5,000, or around 3.75 lakhs Indian rupees. Excellent academic records are one of the eligibility requirements.

2. University of Oregon
The college offers several scholarships that are awarded based on applicants' GPAs and their test results. In addition, the university provides Indian students with the Sushil Jajodia Scholarship, which awards $3,000 or around 2.25 lakhs Indian rupees. Each year, three scholarships are awarded.

3. New York University Wagner Scholarship
This scholarship program is a merit-based one. Those that are interested in applying should do so digitally. The candidate is chosen based on whether or not they fit the requirements and whether or not their application is complete. The Dean's Scholarship is one of the scholarships available in this category; it covers all tuition costs regardless of the subject or degree program. The Public Service Scholarship offers students alternatives for partial or half scholarships based on the submitted application and overall merit. It pertains to all academic disciplines in the United States, including MS.

Tips to get scholarships in the USA

  • Students should exercise caution while completing their applications because MS-based scholarships are only occasionally offered.
  • Some institutions award scholarships depending on the applicant's profile and the applicant's breadth.
  • To increase their chances of receiving scholarships, students should continue applying for several scholarships.
  • Some scholarship applications ask you to compose a brief essay.
  • List each reference you used to strengthen your application as a whole.
  • Verify the accuracy of the material while avoiding spelling and grammar mistakes.

In the USA, you can receive full or partial scholarships for your MS. You might be eligible for a full scholarship that covers your tuition and living expenses. 

If you undertake thorough planning and study, finding a scholarship for an MS in the United States is not that tough. Check the eligibility requirements and submit your application as necessary.


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