I did bachelor's in science (3 year degree) . Is it acceptable to do mba in business analytics in usa?

Asked by SRI LIKITHESWARI over 1 year ago

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Not the university but the programme will determine this. However, several prestigious universities do not accept applicants with a three-year undergraduate degree. The department whose programme you are interested in enrolling in should get an email from you. If they take into consideration such applications, directly ask them. They probably won't accept such applicants if you get a diplomatic response like, "We have never done so in the past, but we might." Apply somewhere else. Also, before contacting the department, don't forget to look through the FAQs (commonly asked questions). I have frequently read the same issue in the FAQ section of departmental websites. More foreign students with three years of bachelor's degrees have been admitted to American colleges for master's degrees over the past several years. To continue to be eligible for admission, the applicant must ensure that the degree they already hold is comparable to the four-year US degree.


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