I completed my PG MBA in 2019 And presently I am working as a lead developer for the last 29 months. I am preparing to MS in the USA in the course of computer & information sciences I need Some Guidance on it Would you please suggest?

Asked by Ganta Hemanth about 2 years ago

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Steven Mizell

Steven Mizell

Student Athlete

Hey Hemanth, how is everything going?

So as far as I know, the USA is the hub of opportunities for students like you who wish to do their masters in computer and information sciences or any other engineering field for that matter. With renowned universities like Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Stanford University, Cornell University amongst many more, the country will provide you with a platform to not only develop knowledge and skills but also give you the much-needed push into the industry with top recruiters like Goldman Sachs, Central Intelligence Agency, iRobot, Google etc. 

Now what I didn’t understand is where exactly do you need my help?

Do you want to know about the top universities that you can apply to? Do you want to know about the admission procedure?

Please elaborate a bit on your question and maybe then I would be able to give you a more detailed answer. 


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