I completed my graduation by 5 years with backlogs Can I get admission from USA?

2017 to 2022

Asked by Vamshi about 2 years ago

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Though a majority of top universities in the US prefer students without backlogs, there are numerous

universities in the US accepting backlogs. So, you can be assured that upto 5 backlogs are accepted at

most US universities accepting backlogs. However, more than 5 backlogs are only accepted upon the

discretion of universities’ admission departments. Also, 15 is the maximum number of backlogs that has

been seen getting accepted by most US universities. 

There are a number of factors that determine how many backlogs are allowed for MS in USA, like: 


Subjects with backlogs 

Time taken to clear backlogs

Backlog status 

The acceptance rate with a backlog for MS in the US, is similar to all other courses and programs. Many

universities in the US may accept upto 15 backlogs for MS, and if you have excellent GRE

or GMAT scores there are great chances for you to get accepted. 

The list of US universities accepting backlogs is:  

Kent State University 

Wright State University

Wichita State University

Pace University

You can get selected at US universities accepting backlogs if: 

You have a good-high GPA

You show an excellent background in terms of work experience, co-curricular, internships, LORs, etc

You have a backlog in an unrelated subject

You have few backlogs, and an inactive backlog status.




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