I am searching schools for MSc abroad, any suggestions?

Asked by Sahil parmar about 1 year ago

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MentR-Me Team

You have many options if you plan to go with an MSc degree abroad. So many that it's hard to explain. If you had mentioned a subject or say a field, it would be a simpler answer. Anyway, I guess I can give you some general guidelines and suggestions when it comes to MSc abroad.

Since you do not have a particular degree in mind, I would suggest going with something that complements your current qualifications. What I mean is if you are from a tech background like if you have done a BTech or BSc, the MSc you are looking for should be relevant. In this situation, your best options are computer science, engineering, IT or operations. Similarly, an MSc in social science, economics, or HR can be a good fit if you are an art student.

Now, after the degree selection, there are requirements for studying abroad. Doing an MSc from an abroad university means you have to submit a few things. Your academic records and documents are not the only thing you have to consider. Tests like GE/GMAT and English language proficiency majorly affect your admission process. Make sure you have prepared for them and attain high scores.

Lastly, I would suggest you put your soul into your Essays, LORs and SOP. You may not realize but these letters are the heart and soul of your admission chances. Applying to a top university (which you will be), all applicants peasant a big profile. At these times, these letters will be the game changer. Keep your focus on necessary things and ask as many questions as possible. Thanks.


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