I am pursuing my MBA in marketing and in order to work in USA. Should I do master or repeat MBA afterwards?What options do an MBA graduate have to go to USAa?

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Saumya Chadha

Saumya Chadha

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There's no hard and fast rule for an applicant to go for a master's or double MBA to work in US companies. You can directly apply to US companies through various networks for jobs. Doing a dual MBA gives you an upper hand in the US job market.  

MBA holders can apply to the below-mentioned business schools. These business schools accept applicants without any special conditions: 

  1. The Wharton Business School
  2. The MIT Sloan Business School
  3. The Michigan Ross Business School
  4. The Kellogg Business School
  5. The Goizueta Business School

Some of the primary business schools that do not accept applicants with an MBA include Dartmouth (Tuck), Haas (UC Berkeley), Fuqua (Duke), Owen (Vanderbilt), and Darden School of Business.

Business Schools constantly revise their admission policies. Therefore, before you plan for a second MBA, contact the admissions office of your target business school.

You can also look out for various job opportunities. The benefit of an MBA is enormous across all professional fields, not just business. Businesses are constantly looking for employees with MBA backgrounds to improve and grow their operations. Maintaining current trends requires marketing. A marketing MBA can open up several employment options in different industries.

Students who earn a master's degree in marketing in the USA will frequently work as market research analysts, whose job involves analyzing market trends to determine whether a specific good or service would be profitable. As a result, approximately 130,300 additional employment, or an 18% increase, are anticipated between 2019 and 2029.

Marketing Director    
Average Annual Salary (in INR): 1.35 Cr.    
Popular Recruiters: Microsoft, Estee Lauder Companies, Medtronic Inc

Marketing Manager    
Average Annual Salary (in INR): 82.51 lakhs    
Popular Recruiters: Amazon, Live Nation Inc, Comcast Cable, Verizon Wireless

Vice President
Average Annual Salary (in INR): 2.04 Cr.    
Popular Recruiters: Synchrony Financial, GMR Marketing, Nokia Inc

Sr Product Manager    
Average Annual Salary (in INR): 1.1 Cr.    
Popular Recruiters: Oracle Corp, FIS, T-Mobile Inc, AT&T Inc

Other top 20 positions following an MBA in marketing in the USA can be considered.

  1. Customer Relationship Management
  2. Competitive Marketing
  3. Analytical Marketing
  4. Channel Head
  5. Brand Manager
  6. Asset Manager
  7. Media Planner
  8. Corporate Communications Head
  9. Corporate Sales
  10. Digital Media Analyst
  11. Head of Digital Marketing
  12. Online Marketing
  13. Media strategist
  14. TV producer
  15. Advertising Management
  16. Audio/Video Editor
  17. Media Manager
  18. Product Manager
  19. Retailing Management
  20. Marketing Manager

As a result, you have two options: pursue a dual MBA or seek employment in the USA. Of course, it would be fantastic if you follow a double MBA from a reputable university in the United States. 


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