I am pursuing BA in Economics Hons; I want to do MiM abroad. Which are the most affordable countries to pursue the MiM program?

Asked by Shally Gulia over 1 year ago

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Master in Management applications have turned out to be one of the most famous courses amongst global students. You can analyze everything about MIM (Masters in Management) overseas from eligibility, colleges, fees, exams, and jobs here. MIM application is a one or two-year program that focuses on marketing, accounting, or finance. MIM is a perfect route for candidates with less or no work experience who no longer want to wait for some years to pursue an MBA. Earlier MIM used to be famous in Europe, however, progressively it has received recognition globally.

Currently, the MIM (Master in Management) is generally Europe-centric, and nations like Italy, Germany, Spain, France, Switzerland, and the Netherlands are the top international locations offering MIM degrees.

Some of the top destinations are as follows:

Masters in Management in France
France is among the pinnacle study destinations for international students. Also, it is one of the pinnacle nations imparting a Master's in Management or MIM degree, an alternative or alternatively a low-priced alternative to an MBA degree. According to the Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC), there has been a growth of 3% in functions for MIM programs, whilst the demand for MBA has remained flat. Three out of top 10 B-schools providing MIM packages are positioned in France.

Masters in Management in Germany
Until 2005, MIM or Masters in Management used to not available in German universities. However, in a short time, Germany has become one of the top locations for international students who wish to learn about MIM programs. Home to some of the world's nice commercial enterprise faculties that are properly placed in all most important world rankings is presenting MIM programs. This ensures the nice lookup requirements of the program. Apart from this, the collaboration of business colleges with companies makes it a special trip for college students who additionally want to obtain a work trip whilst reading the enterprise program.

Masters in Management in Europe
The MIM guides are the most sought-after in Europe, it is the vicinity of the place where this path originated. A survey conducted using the GMAC in 2019 found that 67% of European employers have been willing to hire MIM graduates as they are filling the gap left by means of specialists who are pursuing an MBA after gaining a work journey of quite a few years. This parent was once 33% of US employers. However, this does not suggest that the software is now not popular in the US. US faculties are also incorporating MIM packages, and few US colleges are counted as the best when it comes to offering MIM courses. 

So these were some of the affordable countries to pursue the MiM program.


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