I am planning to study in Sweden, may I know the living cost in Uppsala, Sweden?

Asked by Veena over 1 year ago

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Saumya Chadha

Saumya Chadha

MentR-Me Team

Study Abroad Expert

Hey, here is some important information regarding living costs in Uppsala, Sweden; Uppsala's average cost of living is $1343, placing it in the top 33% of the world's most expensive cities, ranking 3064th out of 9294 on our global list and 14th out of 60 in Sweden. The average after-tax earnings are $2398, which covers living expenses for 1.8 months. Ranked 75th (TOP 0.8%) on the list of the finest places to live in the world and 3rd best city to live in Sweden. Uppsala is Sweden's fourth largest city, with a population of approximately 165K.


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