I am planning to study abroad in any German public university to pursue MS in computer science. What are the salary expectations I can keep after completing my MS there?

Asked by Swetha Reddy about 1 year ago

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Ankur Chaudhary

Ankur Chaudhary

Following my Passion | Undergrad Student at SRM University , Batch '21

Compared to other European nations, including the UK, Germany offers more opportunities in the IT and computer science industries. Pay, vacation, culture, educational opportunities, and job standards are all very good. The only thing that can be difficult for you is the language, which the businesses anticipate you to know.

While there is no tuition for public universities in Germany, a semester fee ranges from university to university that students must pay at the beginning of each semester. Private universities in Germany charge between €11,000 and €17,000 a year for students to pursue a Master's degree in computer science.

Successful graduates may anticipate earning between €48,000 and €66,000 annually after completing their master's in computer science degrees. And this would develop with time and other trade skills and proficiency. According to the QS Employability Rankings, MS programs in Germany are judged to be successful.

A comfortable monthly wage of approximately 11,500 Euros, or 9,38,000 Indian rupees, is what postgraduates in MS CS may anticipate making.erefore, choosing Germany as a destination to pursue computer science as a career is the best choice. You will get a high payback in return for less investment. Therefore, go for it. 


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