I am planning to go in August. Is it be possible to apply for universities in March?

Asked by Nihitha about 2 years ago

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Kimaya Nigam

Kimaya Nigam

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Since it differs significantly from the technique used in Indian universities, it can be challenging to understand the application process for universities and colleges abroad. Some foreign institutions may accept a third intake in April or May, but most offer two inputs in September and January.

Visit relevant university websites to learn about the application processes, specifications, payment options, and deadlines. Learn about the financial aid programs and scholarships offered and how to apply for them. Said, have all of your study materials available.

  • 9–10 months to take the standardized tests
  • The IELTS is a recognized English language competency test that almost all institutions and colleges require.
  • Some schools may also require a GRE, GMAT, or SAT score. Make sure your scores are approved by the universities you plan to apply to.
  • Start preparing for your needed tests as soon as possible.
    Save some extra time in case you need to retake the test.

Preparation of the application: 7 to 8 months
List the universities you are most interested in attending after your test scores. Colleges should be eliminated correspondingly. Keep in mind your preferences, your budget, and your location.

Prepare your application: Begin gathering all of your documentation so that you may submit it on time.

The decision about admission: 3–4 months
You will receive acceptance letters from the colleges that find you qualified after you apply.

Before replying to emails of acceptance, carefully weigh your options. To help you analyze your alternatives more effectively, speaking with one of our IDP specialists on overseas education is a good idea.
Your interview session depends on receiving your final acceptance in time.

After speaking with your counselor, make a well-considered decision once you get the university's official acceptance, and then deposit the required fee to finalize your admission.

To help with your money, submit applications for scholarships and other financing opportunities if you are eligible.

1 to 2 months before departure
Make plans for your lodging and health insurance.
Pre-purchase your airline tickets to minimize last-minute problems. Additionally, the cost of the tickets will increase if you wait.
Get a global debit or credit card to assist you in getting by during the early going.
Amass all the papers and copies you'll require when you arrive. Start packing as well so that you can be ready on time.

I've created a timeline for you. You can work accordingly. 


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