I am planning to do an MS in Pharmacology and Toxicology in the UK. Please suggest universities. Is this country okay or do you have any other choice for this course?

Asked by Divya over 1 year ago

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Ritu Jain

Ritu Jain

Student at Shri Ram College of Commerce

Pharmacology and toxicology is a dedicated branch in medicine, biology and pharmaceutical sciences. Mostly concerned with drugs and their usage, an MS degree in this discipline can surely be effective in these times.

As you know, we are still fighting the effects of global pandemic COVID-19. Healthcare and medicine industries are now being industrialized more and new jobs and professions are coming out time to time. The USA alone had a power spike of over 30% growth in their healthcare sector in previous affected years. Just like this, all major countries are spending their capital in these areas.

The UK is basically the best place to pursue an MS in Pharmacology and Toxicology. The country has to offer many specialized programs that are easily accessible plus the UK grants you a longer stay in the country after graduation. Therefore, after you graduate, you’ll have more time to look for your desired career options there.

I have some universities shortlisted for you. Take a look -

  • University College London
  • University of Nottingham


  • University of Birmingham
  • Edinburgh Napier University
  • Robert Gordon University

The first two options are your best ones in the UK for MS in Pharmacology and Toxicology. UCL and University of Nottingham are one of the best medical universities in the UK. A medical degree from these two universities is a sure thing to have. The other three are by no means any inferior. They are your cheaper options however.

UK has always been a top choice for higher studies, especially for subjects like medicine, sports and management. I would not suggest any other country for your selected course. My only add on suggestion will be to learn the career outcomes in this area. It is a very niche subject and I don’t want you to make any wrong assumptions. Let me know how I can help in this topic?


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