I am planning to choose between MS Business Analytics UMass Amherst and Data Science at SUNY Buffalo.?

I am not sure which one is best based on post MS opportunities , teaching level, environment, internships. My exp in DS(NLP): 4 yrs

Asked by Kumar K about 1 year ago

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Hey, it purely depends upon your interest, however, An MS Degree in Business Analytics from the University of Massachusetts Amherst has consistently made its place among the top global universities. International students prefer this course at the University of Massachusetts Amherst due to its high graduate employability rate. University of Massachusetts Amherst offers exceptional education quality, high-end practical learning, and ample work opportunities to its international students. After receiving their MS Degree in Business Analytics from the University of Massachusetts Amherst, students will be competent to carry out extensive research work in the field. This course is for 12 months with two semesters, so you can definitely go for it if you want to have ample job opportunities after MS.

Talking about the course of Data Science at the University of Buffalo, The interactive curriculum, vast research opportunities, and exceptional teaching faculty at the University at Buffalo SUNY offer students a life-altering learning experience. A Master of Science Degree helps students become creative and independent researchers. Overall, an MS Degree in Data Science and Business Intelligence from the University at Buffalo SUNY is a great choice for students who want to analyze the field in great depth.

I hope this helps, let me know if you have more questions.


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