I am planning for MS in computer science from the USA. I got 328 GRE SCORE & 3.0 in AWA. I am very disappointed with the AWA score. Is my GRE score good?

Asked by Aftab Hussain almost 2 years ago

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Kimaya Nigam

Kimaya Nigam

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The GRE examination is a widely used graduate admissions test. There are two GRE forms available: computer-delivered and paper-delivered. The GRE's content is the same for both, although the time and number of questions in each section are slightly different. 80+ law schools and more than 1300 business schools globally accept GRE results.

Hundreds of applicants can be compared with the GRE, regardless of their college GPA, employment history, undergraduate institution, or program. GRE scores have several advantages for elite colleges, including:

Top colleges' GRE scores give graduate programs a simple way to compare you to other applicants.

The three components of the GRE are scored separately by colleges that take them, allowing graduate programs to give some talents more weight than others.

GRE results identify prospective students likely to struggle academically in a specific area, which can help programs design additional support to help those students succeed.

The most pertinent GRE score is the one that admissions committees look at. It will either be verbal or numerical. The least significant of the three is always AW.

GRE test takers with high GRE results are eligible to apply for one of the many thousands of scholarships universities and business schools offer to deserving international students.

A solid GRE score is necessary, depending on the business school you plan to apply to. The verbal and quantitative portions of the GRE are graded on a scale from 130 to 170. A scale from 0 to 6 is used to grade the writing portion. You will also receive a percentile rating, which ranks your performance about a sizable sample population of other GRE test takers, in addition to your scores.

  • Score- 320-340     Performance: Excellent
  • Score- 300-320     Performance: Good
  • Score- 280-300     Performance: Average
  • Score- Below 260  Performance: Poor

Many business colleges and universities recognize the GRE as one of the most well-known MBA entry exams for their possible MBA programs. The top universities in the US that accept GRE scores for graduate program entrance are listed below.

  • Stanford University          Required Score- 166- 172
  • Boston University             No minimum GRE score required
  • University of California    No minimum GRE score required
  • Harvard University           Required Score- 328
  • Dartmouth College           Required Score-319
  • Princeton University        Required Score-329

Taking the GRE has several advantages, but a few of them are as follows:

  • Easy access to scholarships
  • Greater acceptance across different programs
  • Test-taking-friendly layout

Reduced Fee

GRE is essential for entrance to prestigious universities abroad. A student will be automatically admitted to the top colleges for MBA or MS programs if they receive an excellent GRE score of 300 or higher.


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