I am planning for an MBA or Masters in Finance from UK or Canada. Based upon my profile, how can I plan it for Fall 2023?

I am an Associate Consultant at an MNC currently working in a Fintech sector and have completed my PGDM in Finance specialization from Welingkar Institute of Research and Management Mumbai. I want to know what should be the way ahead as It is just the start of my planning for studies outside India for better growth and exposure to international studies. And based upon my educational background and my works till date which universities in UK or Canada can be a great suit for me to expand my knowledge horizon and also build multiple opportunities in the current booming financial world?

Asked by Sanchit Ranka almost 2 years ago

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Faisal Mohdd

Faisal Mohdd

MentR-Me Team

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MBA or Masters in Finance from the UK or Canada is itself a very great career option. Mentioned below are the facts which can help you to plan for fall 2023:- 

MBA from UK:- 

  • Global brands: Oxford, Cambridge and London Business School (LBS) are better brands compared to Canadian packages (Rotman, McGill, etc).
  • Jobs in Finance: If you have an applicable historical past in finance, then put up MBA from UK business schools, you would find it less complicated to get jobs in areas like Equity Research, Wealth Management, etc. Further, Cambridge and LBS are very robust faculties when it comes to FinTech jobs.
  • Immigration issues: Don’t think that due to Brexit, human beings don’t get jobs in the UK anymore. Such blanket statements are absolutely incorrect. You want to view the “post MBA job market”, no longer the “entire job market” in these countries. It is a properly recognized truth that most MBA candidates are employed by 15–20 firms in total. So an applicable query to ask is: how has Brexit impacted these 15–20 firms? The answer is — not much, if at all.

MBA from Canada:-

  • Cost of education: The cost of training for Canadian MBA applications is decreasing in contrast to the UK. Therefore, the ROI is better.
  • Growth potential: A few years from now, Canada- due to its liberal immigration policies for both corporations and individuals- may grow to be a desired destination for foremost firms (easier for companies to relocate from US to Canada). This will improve jobs and the nearby economy further.

If you NEED higher brands go with European programs. In case you are greatly involved in maximizing your long-term potential, you can wager on Canada.

Hope this helps.


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