i am looking for good B schools w/o work experience and gmat. i would like to have a mentr.me mentor to help with the schools applications, resume building, ielts preparation etc any suggestions?

Asked by Prarthana kaw over 1 year ago

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Ajay Tewani

Ajay Tewani

Investment Analyst at IFC - World Bank Group | IIM Ahmedabad | CA | CFA Level III

MBA without any work experience is a practice here in India and no reputed university abroad accepts it. Universities abroad offer an MiM to fresh graduates like you who wish to pursue management and get into the business administration world. 

So you can pursue MiM if you don’t have any work experience. Now coming to the list of colleges in USA and Canada for MiM that do not even require GMAT are:


Duke University

Babson University

Boston University

Arizona State University





HEC Montreal

Concordia University


While this is just a general list, I suggest you directly get in touch with Study Abroad Experts here. They will analyse your profile and suggest you best school options according to your profile and preferences.They will also help you in the entire application process for FREE. 

Hope this helps!



MentR-Me Team

Certainly! Imagine you're dreaming of studying business at a top university abroad, but you're worried because you haven't worked much yet or haven't taken the GMAT exam. Good news! There are lots of great business schools in places like the UK, Canada, and Australia where you might not need lots of work experience or GMAT scores to get in.

Famous schools like: Stanford Graduate School of Business (USA),The New York Institute of Technology (USA),University of Pennsylvania - Wharton Business School (USA), Oxford and Cambridge in the UK, Melbourne in Australia, and Toronto in Canada, look at lots of different things, not just test scores or jobs you've had.

Think of applying to school like telling a story about yourself. You want to share what you've done and what you dream of doing. With the right help, like mentors from Mentr.me, you can make your application stand out. They'll help you show off your best self, write amazing essays, and walk through the application process feeling more confident.

Remember, it's all about finding the right fit for you and showing the schools how awesome you are. With some guidance and support, you can get into a great business school and start an exciting adventure in a new country!

Moreover, you can request a free session to have words and clarify your concerns with our study abroad consultants.

They will guide you with everything from filling out your application correctly, making your resume look good, getting ready for the IELTS test, and more. 


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