I am looking for an educational loan. I have a good cibil score but my father has cibil issues. I tried avanse & auxillo and I am moving to Canada this Jan intake. Written Duolingo GRE and IELTS?

Asked by Kalyan over 1 year ago

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Diksha Garg

Diksha Garg

Supply Chain Management expert

Well it doesn’t have to be a problem here. I mean the cibil score does matter while taking a loan of any kind. But it does not mean that it is applicable that you are not eligible if your father has cibil issues. Avanse and Auxillo are all good but you have other options.

See, when you apply for an educational loan, you become the borrower and you are asked to present a co-borrower. Since the banks need some kind of trust and security, they value both the borrower and co-borrower the same. It means the cibil score of you and your co-borrower should be good. Since here we value families more, in most cases the co-borrower is either father or life partner.

You mentioned your father has cibil issues. In this case I suggest you find someone else who could act as a co-borrower. Maybe someone from your relatives with whom you have a good relationship. This can solve your issues of cibil statements. Because believe me when it comes to higher studies, getting late is not something you want to do. Canadian universities are very good and competitive. If you apply late, you may not get in.

Regarding written Duolingo, GRE and IELTS. First, a Duolingo score of 110 is what I would recommend as a minimum score. For GRE you will need at least 300. And lastly, try going for TOEFL instead  of IELTS. Canadian universities prefer TOEFL more, to which you need at least 90 iBT score. Now you should aim a little higher than the scores I have mentioned, adding you want to get into the very best colleges in Canada.

Is it all you questioned or did I leave something out. If you want a personalized experience get in touch with experts here. They can answer any of your questions regarding studying abroad. They also help with loan and test preparations. The service is free and won’t take much long. Let me know if I can answer anything for you.


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