I am intrested in abroad study but my family can't afford it. What are my options to achieve my dream?

Asked by Swetha about 1 year ago

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MentR-Me Team

Well, this is a very serious thing, yes. I can relate as I also faced a financial crisis while pursuing my education. It is a different thing if you want to study here. But if you plan to go abroad for a master's, you surely need a big budget. This does not have to come from you and your family alone tough. There are services and options that you are eligible for.

What I am talking about is scholarships and education loans. For students that do not pack a lot of finance have to rely on such things. Besides, it’s not like these things are super tough. You can easily get a scholarship or education loan or both nowadays. All you have to d is meet the proper requirements, and you are good to go. There are some common myths that surround these things. I want to clear them first.

First, scholarship is hard to get; absolutely wrong. Securing a scholarship for abroad masters is fairly easy, and almost every student gets in anyhow. You need better profile management so that your scholarship application looks worthy. I have helped students with lower than average GPAs secure good scholarships.

Coming to education loans, because of growing business and marketing, the banks are eager to help students in need. It benefits them in business and assists students in achieving of their dream. The best thing about it is you have to start paying off after a significant amount of time of your graduation.

If you are not clearhow to apply for a scholarship or an education loan, I am happy to provide assistance. Let me know what part you need help with and I’ll see it to be sorted.


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