I am in my final year of CS engineering and confused about where to pursue my masters USA or Canada?Which exams should I prepare for?

Asked by Aman Alachiya about 2 years ago

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Hey Aman, how are things going?

First of all congratulations on coming towards the end of your bachelors in a tough subject like CS engineering. Now I understand that it can be a tough task to decide from where you should do your masters because of the unlimited options available, but the major thing that you should consider is the opportunities. 

While shortlisting a university or country to pursue your masters, you should always make sure that it aligns with your academic qualifications and can provide you with the career opportunities you want for yourself. Considering your background, there would be better career opportunities for you in the USA since it has some of the best-renowned universities like the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Harvard University, Stanford University etc. and top recruiters like Google, Microsoft, Deloitte etc. regularly back upon the talented students of these universities. 

The entrance exams that you should prepare for getting into these top universities are mainly GRE/GMAT and IELTS/TOEFL. While GRE/GMAT would be the standard exam to test your academic preparation, you would need a good IELTS/TOEFL score to provide your English proficiency. 

Do you need any help in preparing for these entrance exams? Let me know if I can help you with information on the best study material and preparation strategy for these exams. 



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