I am from ECE background with CGPA 8. I want to do MS in computer Science in Canada, is it possible to do MS in CS in Canada?

Asked by Balthu Ravivarma almost 2 years ago

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sourav grover

sourav grover

Business Finance | Venture Capital | IIM Calcutta

In Canada, if you ask if you can study for something, the reply is usually yes. Because here asking this in easy phrases possible applying. Perhaps you are questioning whether or not you risk being acquainted with an MS program in CS with an undergraduate diploma in ECE.

Unless you have a large record in computing, the answer is perchance you will be declined as you will need too many make-up courses. It is quite competitive to get into MS software in CS.

My recommendation for you would be:- 

  • Examine some quintessential undergraduate things like records structures, algorithms, working systems, laptop computer networks, databases, etc., before turning into a member of an MS CS utility (if you aren't familiar with these areas).
  • Also, look up at least one mainstream programming language nicely ( Java, Python, C, etc.) so that you can additionally choose to bar problems unique to your thoughts in phrases of code.
  • It is wise to gather matters on a secure groundwork than on the shaky ground, which will help you assimilate subjects well.
  • Continuous reading and exercise will make you a relevant go for grad school. All the best!! 

So which University are you looking up to? 



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