I am from civil engineering background having a CGPA of 8.55 (86%) tofel score of 90,gre score 117 is itpossible to me to do my masters in data science and get a best university?

Asked by Nakkala Devendra over 1 year ago

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 M Sc Data Science is a two-year interdisciplinary program that focuses on disciplines like Calculus, C- Programming, and Descriptive Statistics. M Sc Data Science course puts light on storing, analyzing, and recording data for extracting future predictions as well as insights extracted from structured to unstructured data. It aids in the discovery of patterns in raw data that can be used to formulate important business decisions.

Candidates who have completed their bachelor's in subjects such as mathematics, computer science, or engineering and are willing to study further can take up research-based Data Science courses. As per the current trends, Data Science is considered to be a popular course to pursue. The course can be pursued in both online and offline modes. The average course fee including both government and private institutions is somewhere between Rs 1.5 LPA to 2 LPA.

To be able to pursue a MS in Data Science program, candidates should possess the right set of skills to become successful in the future. The requirements for a Masters in Computer Science vary from university to university, some of the fundamental ones are listed below:

Most of the universities in the USA, Canada require you to give the GRE. Few universities from Germany require GRE scores. However, GRE is not required for admission to Australian universities.

IELTS or TOEFL is compulsory for acquiring student visa and as a proof of English proficiency.

Aspirants must have completed a Bachelor’s degree in the same specialization with a passing percentage in aggregate of the subjects studied at the degree level.


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