I am from an engineering background and planning to pursue a master's in computer science. Is the California State University East Bay a good fit for me?

Asked by Rohit Sen about 1 year ago

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California State University, East Bay may additionally not be as fantastically ranked as some of the other universities in the close by cities/ counties, for instance: Stanford, UC Berkeley, Santa Clara University, and San Jose State University, even though it's a first-rate college. I am more acquainted with the graduate packages, so would comment primarily based on them.

Benefits of applying to California State University:- 

Great Campus and area (on a hill) and is close to Hayward station. Free shuttle carriers are provided from the Hayward Bart station to the university and vice versa. Lots of campuses and off-campus lodging choices for students.

State University - Safe, Accredited University - For international students and immigrants in the country this is safe, recognized and has no problems as such, unlike some universities.

  • The MBA program is affordable and cheaper than most universities in the USA. Approx. 40–50k for the entire program
  • The SBA (Masters in Business Analytics) started out a few years ago and is STEM approved and is the hottest issue in the market, so for the techies in the bay, this is the software to seem ahead to. The costs are really looking too - 22–25k USD
  • The college also has an Engineering Management Program, Computer Science (each STEM) and an Accounting Masters program, which is also good.
  • Crowd: The crowd combines students from specific international locations and cultures. All college students are respected, irrespective of their backgrounds and origins.
  • Classroom lectures - All lectures are conducted in character. No online lectures are promoted utilizing the university, so can't take the courses for granted

Let me know if this helped and if you need any other information from my end.


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