I am from a commerce background. To get a good job which degree should I do?

Asked by Rohit Yadav almost 2 years ago

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A master's degree in business or finance from a reputable institution overseas is valued across the board. In addition, prominent international universities provide worthwhile master's degrees and specialised programmes.

After completing the BCom programme, Indian students frequently pursue an MBA abroad. An MBA from a reputable international university is a crucial degree for the best employment prospects. For their postgraduate studies, commerce graduates might choose specialities in finance, human resources, accounting, investment banking, marketing, and international business. B-schools in the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, and Germany maintain top global rankings. The annual compensation range for MBA graduates from overseas universities is INR 40-65 lakh. Morgan & Stanley, HSBC, Boston Consulting Group, Deloitte, EY, Goldman Sachs, and Google are the top employers in terms of employment offerings.

For graduates of Indian commerce programmes, a master's in finance is another highly desired degree. Leading international colleges also need two years of finance-related work experience as a prerequisite for admission. After completing a master's degree, employment options include investment banking, corporate banking, financial analysis, financial consulting, financial advisor, and stockbroker. The typical pay after earning a master's degree in finance overseas ranges from INR 37,13,875 to INR 71,30,640 per year.

A master's in business analytics is a growing employment option for BCom students. Due to the increase in digitalization, there is a huge need for qualified business analytics specialists abroad. The available positions are data analyst, business analyst, quantitative analyst, and risk analyst.

After obtaining their BCom degree, Indian students have a variety of professional alternatives, including a master's in economics. After graduation, overseas universities in the US and the UK provide specialised economics programmes. The London School of Economics, Yale University, University of British Columbia, Carnegie Mellon University, Princeton University, and the University of Chicago are a few of the best commerce universities outside of the United States. In foreign nations, the average wage ranges from INR 47,38,161 to INR 80,47,967.

After completing a three-year full-time BCom degree, students can pursue a 2-year Master of Commerce programme at overseas universities. After earning an MCom, there are countless employment options. Students can find work prospects in finance, accounting, research, banking, and insurance. After graduation, the average pay for MCom graduates ranges from INR 32,52,611 to INR 65,62,417 per year.


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