I am doing my bachelors in electrical and I want to get a Master's in Computer Science in 2024. Can I get into USA based universities with a different stream?Do 12th and 10th marks matter here?

Asked by 044_SUPRATIK GHOSH over 2 years ago

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Divyakshi  Gupta

Divyakshi Gupta

Study Abroad Expert

Shifting to a pure CS master's put up an electrical Engineering bachelor would be pretty difficult. Most MS CS programs will require you to have four stipulations in your undergrad. Database Management Systems, Operating Systems, Object Oriented Programming and Data Structures and Algorithms. You will lack some or all of this as an electrical engineering student.

Also, considering the competition, masses of candidates with CS backgrounds will apply to MSCS programs. As a result, the college does not, without a doubt, have a very compelling reason to pick you over them.

If you'd like to shift to CS roles and a profession in pc science and related fields, you can do one amongst the following.

1.) Get some work ex in the IT area and follow for an MIS or BA degree. The job roles can take you into core science or product development facts. MIS applications have core CS courses like DBMS in their curriculum, which will be a useful resource for your transition. Also, MIS packages will take you in even if you graduate from a non-CS undergrad.

2.) Get a work ride and apply to software engineering programs. Software engineering programs are also not as strict as the undergrad historical past they count on from you. This will enable you to shift to the software program area as well. Hence you can consider going in this direction too.

3.) If you have a robust lookup trip or work trip, you can also apply for Data Science masters tiers. But hold on to the idea that these guides are very selective and will require a robust math background in your undergrad.

Admission procedure:- 

  • Institutes have their system of admission (An interview even after a country-wide level Exam). In such cases, you have to prove your information in CS to them, or you must be in a position to explain why you prefer a unique stream.
  • The chances of getting admission are higher If you have terrific core CS and Programming expertise with some certifications.
  • Most universities look at the student's profiles and scores based on their qualifications. Foreign languages and English exams add up to this score. For selecting a fundamental, they will feel your software is based totally on your talent in that subject, which means your potential to be whole the path beside any hurdles.

So you can get into USA-based universities with a different stream. And yes,12th and 10th marks do matter here. They will update and increase the productivity of your CV.

I hope this might help you! 

Sarma Bhujbal

Sarma Bhujbal

Study abroad consultant at Mentr Me

Yes, it is entirely possible to apply for a Master's in Computer Science in the USA, even with a background in electrical engineering. Universities often look for diverse candidates who can bring different perspectives and skills to their programs. To strengthen your application, you should provide evidence of your proficiency in computer science through online courses, certifications, or relevant work experience. 

High school marks (your 10th and 12th grades) are not a significant factor in U.S. graduate school admissions. Admissions committees primarily evaluate your undergraduate GPA, GRE or GMAT scores, research experiences, professional background, and your statement of purpose. Ensure these elements strongly reflect your motivation, academic capability, and your long-term career goals in computer science. Good letters of recommendation from faculty who can comment on your aptitude for this field will also be vital. 





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