I am currently pursuing BBA and I am in my 3rd year, so next year I want to pursue product management from abroad! Suggest to me the best country and colleges for that?

Asked by Anish mohammad almost 2 years ago

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There are various universities and countries around the world that provide a great learning environment and an amazing master's degree in product management. See, there is no best country for this degree, in my opinion, everyone is on the same page, so I won’t be able to exactly tell you the best countries but I can tell you some amazing courses and universities from where you can pursue your masters in product management and build a great career for yourself. 

Here are the top 3 universities that provide courses in product management: 

1. Carnegie Mellon University- Tepper School of Business

Here the courses in product management are as follows: 

  • Master of Integrated Innovation for Products & Services (MIIPS)
  • MS in Product Management

The duration of the courses is 9 months and 12 months respectively. 

2. Monash University - Faculty of Business and Economics

The courses that you can pursue in the field of product management are as follows: 

  • MSc in Lean Operations Management
  • Master of Project Management

The duration of these courses is 16 months and 12 months respectively

3. Poznan University of Economics

The courses that are provided in the field of product management in this university are as follows: 

  • Master in Innovation Management
  • Master in Product & Process Management (PPM)

The duration of these courses is 24 months

What are your short-term and long-term goals after the completion of your product management master's?


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