I am a BTech (ECE) Yop-2021. I would like to pursue MS in Data Science in September 2022. Which country is best suits for me?

Asked by Ramchandra Avusala about 2 years ago

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Data Science is a hastily growing field that continues to evolve with the development of new technology. As a result, data Science has been named the most up-to-date career of the twenty-first century.

The United States is home to many of the top universities globally, which consists of Harvard University, Stanford University, and MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology). In addition, many much less prestigious alternatively first-rate schools train statistics science as well.

Two countries among the best in the field of Data Science are as follows:-


1. Canada

Canada is famed as one of the easiest international locations to get a scholar VISA from. and this is an indispensable thing to reflect on if you are questioning about going to far away places to study.

If you figure out on to be in a position to proceed to be and work after graduation, it's in many instances a huge plus if the authorities have already recounted your competencies as an asset and need you to stick spherical after getting your degree

2. The United Kingdom

The UK offers some excellent probabilities for getting an understanding of how to manipulate and analyze that data. Its prestigious universities (like Oxford University and Imperial College London) make it convenient for you to discover your way into an occupation as a records scientist.

One reason we've placed the United Kingdom on our listing of first-rate global locations for examining records science is due to the fact of its many job probabilities for those with tiers in this field. 

So in which country are you looking for ?


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