I am 28 yrs old and have work experience of over 3 years. I am a BTech graduate and want to go abroad for Masters. Can I get any offers?

Asked by anshu shukla over 2 years ago

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Jim Anderson

Jim Anderson

Investment Banking Associate at JPMorgan Chase & Co

With a bachelors in technology degree, I think your area of interest is already fixed. But you can also go in a different direction. And your work experience can be a really good factor for abroad masters. I basically have two recommendations for you. One is more subject-oriented while the other one is slightly different.

So my first recommendation is a tech-oriented masters. They go best with a BTech and you remain in your current area of interest. MS in technical fields for example CS, Mechanical, Data Science, IT, are some common examples. It is actually good with your interest to choose whatever concentration you want. But if you really like to stay along with the technology sector, I would highly recommend you take one of these courses. Later on, it will also be best if you want a research-based career.

There are some other areas as well that are much relevant to a BTech. But if you are willing to go outside of the recommended ones, I would suggest an MBA. Basically what happens is, students can get a good job with just a bachelor's degree. And paired up with an MBA, your chances of landing big promotions are better. MBAs actually go well with a tech background. There are a lot of integrated MBAs available for this.

And given your current qualifications like work experience, you can really go for it. I mean students spend years getting work experience to get into a good MBA program abroad. But if you are more involved with the technical line of work, tech MS courses are the best.

I know this sounds a bit too complicated. Why don't you get in touch with experts who can first evaluate your profile and then suggest you the course and universities that match with your profile, interests and future objectives. 

Let me know if this helped and if you want me to give you any more insights. 


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