I am 22 years old with no experience. I want to study MBA in the UK with affordable fees. So please suggest me the universities in the UK for the computer science department?

Asked by Dhivya about 2 years ago

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Muthanna Qudimat

Muthanna Qudimat

Microsoft Student Ambassador | A BCA Undergrad Student

Hey Dhivya, how are you doing?

 Generally, MBAs in computer science are commonly known as MBA in Computer Management. While some degrees tend to focus on more business and management aspects, specialized MBAs in CS are also a viable option. These programs mostly relate to technical aspects more. For instance, IT, data and analytics are a few excellent examples. It's smart to pursue an MBA after a CS degree. The post-graduation will provide you with more scope and sectors to work in. I have managed a list, possibly to your likings:

  1. Coventry University (School of Strategy and Leadership)
  2. University of Cambria
  3. University of Bedfordshire
  4. Cardiff University
  5. Arden University

You can find almost all major CS specialized MBA programs in these universities. Sectors like IT, artificial intelligence (AI), and computing are more over-oriented programs. You will later in your career find much comfort to switch profession or even job field. On the other hand sectors like data, analytics, and operations are more directional. Tough flexibility may come as a challenge, you will have more career development options. And, you will be learning extensively which can grant you quality positions. Compared to general MBAs, these programs do not cost a fortune and are quite affordable. If all these do not intrigue you, management degrees in the CS field hits different job profiles. It will be more accessible and comprehensive. So, you have options and it's all relevant to key differences. 

The major point while shortlisting your university should be the eligibility criteria. First of all, get your profile evaluated at https://bit.ly/3J0xdVQ

It will generate a customized list of universities based on your profile and preferences and will make the whole process a lot easier for you. 


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