How to score good in SAT?How to apply for japan and Singapore?Where to find help for ielts?

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Silvia Malloy

Silvia Malloy

CEO & Founder at Conva

 Decide on a target score range

o Register for the SAT

o Set up a practice schedule

o Use these best practices to guide your study time

o Take a full-length SAT practice test

Eligibility Criteria to Study in Singapore

You must have completed Class 12th or an equivalent exam to enroll in an undergraduate


For postgraduate courses, you will need a bachelor’s degree or equivalent in the chosen field.

For some programs, GMAT/GRE scores may also be required.

Clear the entrance exam, if any.

Ensure that you have a valid passport that has at least 6 months of validity.

Prepare a statement of purpose (SOP) and keep letters of recommendation (LOR) ready.

Every university has a different fee structure depending upon the course and other factors. The

undergraduate degree will cost around SGD 37926-54181 (INR 2100000 – 3000000). PG

courses cost around SGD 36120 – 45150 (INR 2000000 – 2500000)


The following is a list of basic requirements for acceptance as an international student:

A valid passport.

You need to have completed 12 years of formal education in your home country. You also need

to have an accredited high school diploma.

Documents that prove your ability to afford the cost of living, studying and health insurance during

the time of the study.

A one year course at a Japanese language school costs approximately 700000 Yen and admission fee

about 50000 Yen in the first semester. In total approximately 750000 Yen (about $7000 USD).



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