How to pursue a Master of Data Science in the USA?

Asked by Ram Gupta almost 2 years ago

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Shrikant Goyal

Shrikant Goyal

Founder at WALT INDIA

The process is not that complex. If you want to pursue a Master of Data Science in the USA, all you need to do is follow some simple steps. But yeah, keep in mind that based on the university you select you may need to score better. As long as you are eligible to apply, you can move forward with an application. Here, I have simplified all the important steps -


  1. prepare a 4-year undergraduate degree (or equivalent)
  2. have documents ready as ID, passport, photos etc.
  3. give GRE/GMAT (data science courses prefer GRE)
  4. attempt an English language proficiency test (recommended; TOEFL)
  5. have your SOP, LORs and Essays prepared
  6. start your application from official program website
  7. submit all documents, answer all questions
  8. submit the application and wait for response
  9. post getting admission letter, start visa and scholarship process
  10. book a flight and travel to USA

The very first thing is to make sure you have an undergraduate degree that is recognized well. Assuming you are to apply for a top quality university, your GPA should also be up to par. For example, I suggest at least 3.5 GPA to get the best colleges in the USA for your Master of Data Science program.

Gathering your documents is not a tough task. What you really need to focus on are the standardized test results. GRE and TOEFL become critical when you apply for a good university, especially in the USA. Because along with you, there will be others applying for the same programs. In this case your test scores have to be better or else you may miss your chance of enrolment.

However, experts and my personal suggestion always put SOP, LORs and Essays at the top of the list. These are the university demanded documents that you need to submit along with your application. However they might seem, know that these often work as a tie-breaker in the admission process. What you need to do is give some extra time and effort in these ones in advance. No if and but, if these documents lack in quality, it will be very tough for you to get admitted.

If you need everything to be taken care of, try contacting the experts here. You will be assisted throughout your entire admission process continuously. Better to be extra prepared than regretting later. These are not any small steps in your life, higher education will decide your further career and lifestyle.


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