How to improve reading?

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Divyakshi  Gupta

Divyakshi Gupta

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I understand the preparation of the IELTS exam altogether can get a little overwhelming. Don’t worry. Here I have mentioned some tips to ace the sections that you are facing difficulty in.
Here are the IELTS preparation tips for the IELTS Reading test:

Read as much as you can: At first, this could seem tedious. Reading anything the candidates find interesting at first is therefore the simpler method to accomplish it. It could be a quick sentence, an advertisement, or even newspaper headlines. After the first phase is finished, they may move on to reading longer texts including essays, editorials, and short tales.
Make Notes: Making notes while reading is advised. This will make it easier to find specific information. Understanding what to emphasize and what to note is crucial.
Repetition is key because just reading a note once won't help. Going through the entire reading process can sometimes be beneficial because it helps candidates stay current and remember what they had previously noted. Additionally, when reading the same book again, one could discover new ideas.
Practice comprehension: This step in the preparation process is very helpful. It always helps to hone comprehension abilities because the test questions are based on the type of understanding.

Some other IELTS preparation tips for the Reading section:

Take a moment to attentively read the entire passage and consider its main points.
You won't get any extra seconds, so be mindful of the deadlines.
There is no negative marking, so even if you are unsure of the answer, you should nonetheless answer every question.
Since you won't have more time to rewrite your responses, write them straight on the sheets to save time.

Hope this helps!


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