How to get a loan to study abroad without collateral?

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ananya singh

ananya singh

Undergrad student

The education sector is a very lucrative field. Many students look for scholarships and loans to facilitate their budget for studying abroad. You can see banks advertising plans and offers for student loans regularly. It's because not every student has the luxury of big bank accounts. Most of the students come from middle-class families and rely on student loans for their dream of studying abroad.

Collateral loans are now starting to come in more light. Generally, you have to provide a financial co-applicant however to avail of these loans. It's not the same for every financial body but true for most organizations. The logic here is to take the co-borrower responsible in case some problem arises. You do get enough time, though, to pay off your debts. Because these loans are for students, banks do not push hard.

In many cases, the students are allowed to have a year added after graduation to find their best options. Then after you are required to start paying off their debts, it's necessary to have some time so you can look for good jobs and a career. Because all of your time & money is put into your education, finding high-paid jobs becomes necessary.

Non-collateral loans are just like collateral loans. The only difference is that you provide a co-applicant here. Some procedures may vary but not anything major.
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