How to get into MIT for masters in electronics & computer engineering. Also I'm not rich so how to pay the fees?

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Ankur Chaudhary

Ankur Chaudhary

Following my Passion | Undergrad Student at SRM University , Batch '21

I get it, belonging to a middle class family, it's not easy to pay a big tuition fee. And for a university like MIT that charges like 50 lakh yearly tuition, it's way out of your league. But there are many options for financial aid. But before going there, first let me explain how you can get into MIT for masters in electronics & computer engineering.

See that process  is very simple, you just need to fulfill the eligibility criteria. Then after all you need to do is to submit what has been asked from the applications at MIT. I’ll make it simpler to make you understand.


  • get a 4-year bachelor degree (or equivalent)
  • gather your academic records like transcripts, certificates, curriculars etc.
  • keep necessary document ready (ID, passport, photos)
  • attempt GRE for masters in the USA
  • give an English language proficiency test (USA prefers TOEFL)
  • have your SOP, LORs and Essays prepared
  • apply to the program from the official website
  • upload all documents, answer questions and click submit
  • after getting admitted, start your visa and scholarship application
  • Book a ticket and start your journey

Basically the most important thing you need to focus here are your SOP, LORs and Essays. Because these are the most important documents MIT will look at in your application. Also, if you would have a relevant education like a related bachelor or certificates, it would be very good. Don’t forget your English language proficiency test, as this necessity is not flexible at all.

Coming back to paying the tuition, you have many aids to support you. First, you can get a scholarship here that can cover around 10-20 percent of your fee. After that, apply for an education loan. Relax, you will be given appropriate time to pay back the loan. After that if you perform exceptionally while in your studies at MIT, the university grants money and scholarship prizes.

There you go. After all these things combined, you can reduce your tuition to a very affordable rate. If you want help with your application of the scholarship process, I recommend you directly get in touch with experts. They will analyze your profile and will guide you for the most suitable scholarships that you can avail. 

Let me know if this helps and if you want any other information from my end. 


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