How to get admission abroad?

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Japjyot Singh

Japjyot Singh

Study Abroad Expert

Before you can understand the application process to universities abroad, you must first understand the steps for applying abroad. Indian students are accustomed to application procedures that are quite linear in nature. The university application process abroad is not simple and consists of many stages that must be completed concurrently. The following are the various stages of international application:

Choosing a Country
Choosing a university and/or a course
Attending the required tests
Putting together recommendation letters
Essay and Statement of Purpose Preparation
Obtaining all required transcripts
completing the application forms
submitting various test scores to universities
Acceptance of Admission Offer
Making the required admission fee payment
Once you have completed all of your application documents, create a docket for it. Put all of your application documents in a single folder. This ensures that you do not forget to submit any documents at the last minute. Depending on the university, you would need to submit the documents well ahead of the deadline and via the channel that the university prefers. There are three types of submission channels:

Online Submission: Most foreign universities prefer online submission for all application-related documents. Simply attach the required document in the space provided in this channel. Keep in mind the format of the document as requested by the university, as they prefer and support specific types of file formats only, such as.doc,.pdf, and so on. All of your documents (CV, SOP, LOR, essays, etc.) should be submitted in this format only.
E-mail Submission: Some universities allow you to submit your documents and application form via e-mail. You must also ensure that all draughts are in the correct file format as specified by the university for this channel. After writing a letter in accordance with their specifications, you will attach all of the documents in chronological order. For example, if you're attaching LORs, do so in the following order: LOR1, LOR2, LOR3. You may be required to zip all of the documents together. As a result, it is always prudent to double-check the university's requirements.
Post Submission: Sending hard copies can be inconvenient, and because it is time-consuming, it is best to send the document 15 days before the deadline. Before sending any hard copies, they must be signed and stamped. Also, to get the best deal, conduct extensive research on all international courier services and their prices. You can save up to 40% on DHL shipping by using Shiksha's DHL Student Offer.
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