How to get a good job if you belong a hospitality background?Is this possible after the post-graduation?If yes, then what are the best and most affordable options?

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In Canada, Hospitality and Hotel Management Courses fill the shortage of qualified professionals. To help you become a professional and qualified aspirant, several colleges across the world, particularly in Canada, offer Hospitality and Hotel Management as a course.
Top Universities in Canada Offering Hospitality and Hotel Management Courses
1. College of the Fraser Valley
The course lasts 39 weeks, and the student will learn all aspects of hospitality.
Tuition Fee: The tuition is roughly 6000 CAD, plus additional costs for books, clothing, and housing.
2. The Ontario School
School Fee: The cost of tuition for the sous chef diploma programme is only CAD 8000, compared to approximately CAD 14000 for the professional diploma programme plus an extra CAD 400 for books.
3. George Brown
This chef school assists students in building successful careers in hospitality and hotel management courses by combining classroom instruction with practical training.
School Fee: For the diploma programme, an international applicant must spend about CAD 16000 in tuition.
4. Centennial College
By completing the Centennial Access to Student Service form, which is available online, students can also apply for financial help.
Cost: INR 18.7 lakh
Duration: 2 years
5. Sault College
International students can get financial aid from the college to help them pay for their studies in Canada through programmes like Student Exceptional Expense Bursaries.
Cost: INR 9.7 lakh
Duration: 1 year
6. Seneca College
Cost: INR 8.7 lakh
Duration: 1 year
Top Universities in UK Offering Hospitality and Hotel Management Courses

1. College of Greenwich
This course covers a wide range of topics in-depth, including professional growth, strategic hotel management, operations management, and entrepreneurship. The Complete University Guide places the University second in London for graduation prospects.
2. Eastern University of London
The cost of the 9–12 month Grand Diploma programme, including culinary management, is approximately GBP 37,000–45,000, while the price of the Gourmet and Short Cookery programmes can vary from GBP 75–850.
The hospitality and hotel management sectors pay well. To get a decent job and have a successful career, you must establish your priorities early in your academic career. You can also work part-time while pursuing your degree. You can work part-time either in your respective field or anywhere. 


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