How to clear IELTS?What is the procedure to get job abroad?

Asked by Ponmuthunila about 2 years ago

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Kaivan Dave

Kaivan Dave

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Hello Ponmuthunila, how are you?

I know it can be a bit tough to get the right preparation strategy with so much information available on the internet. But don’t worry I can connect you with mentors directly, who can give you a customised IELTS preparation strategy that would work best for you. You can check out the free test-prep section at and connect with mentors to solve all your IELTS preparation questions. 

Now, to get a job, there’s a specific set of guidelines that you should follow and that varies based on the kind of job you wish to apply to.

But I would suggest you to first focus on getting a good IELTS score and after that you can think about getting a job since your IELTS score would be your ticket abroad. 

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